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Hi, I’m Visko. I’m a dating coach, blogger, and world traveler. I write about dating, relationships, self-improvement, and becoming the best man you can be.

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You can be a “normal guy” and have an amazing dating life.

I’ve helped guys ranging from shy students, to analytical software engineers, to PHD candidates - smart guys who are in a rut with women and looking for a way out.

I’m just a guy like you, and after years of real world, relatable experience (and failures), I can help you find that way out.

Improving your dating life is about making healthy, pro-active life choices, and doesn’t require you to become a ‘player’ or an ‘alpha male’. It’s about setting a rock solid foundation of behaviour that takes you from any level of experience, to dating women all over the world.

This results in a real, grounded confidence that you carry with you for the rest of your life - turning your dating life into an effortless expression of your masculinity.

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Dating Course

Build an attractive life, develop sexual confidence, master approaching and dating, Learn how to meet the right women for you.

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Private Coaching

Personal tailored coaching. Discover how to capitalise on your strengths, and master your weak points to create effortless results.

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Dating eBook

Download my free 38-page on improving your dating life. Learn the step by step process to making the key changes that sky-rocket your results.

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Anxiety eBook

Download my free 34-page on managing anxiety, understanding your defence mechanisms, and conquering your fears.



Visko was able to help me understand my true strengths… I can confidently say this has lead to a lot more success, especially in a fulfilling way! Ryan - 25 - Austin
After talking with Visko I feel now that my mammoth task has been made achievable. I received strong pragmatic goals which have already made changes in my life. Greg - 28 - London
After a few hours I had a clear idea of what changes I needed to make. Through acting on what Visko helped me discover, my life is steadily improving. Jeff - 27 - New York

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Yeah, I know. You’ve read enough. But this is important. I made a dating course. Like, a really big dating course.

It’s over 8 hours of video content, 30 lessons, and over 80 exercises. It covers everything you need to know from making yourself more attractive, building sexual confidence, having great dates, and finding the right women for you.

It’s based on years of experience, a library’s worth of scientific research, and just the right amount of common sense. So stop listening to me and check it out for yourself.